Why Should You Choose Linux Shared Hosting?

Why Should You Choose Linux Shared Hosting?
Why Should You Choose Linux Shared Hosting?

When the thought of kick starting a business arises once’s mind, a lot other things follow the same thoughts. Other things include domain name, appropriate hosting type and package, email hosting etc. All these services work together to spread word about your business domain or what you do.

Undeniably, in today’s time getting online is mandatory, whether it is a one-person company or a start-up business that deals in providing some products or services. When times comes to start your own website, blog or any other online project, Linux hosting is indeed a right choice.

This post will discuss one aspect among many to set up a business ventures, web hosting. So, let us get started:

Linux Hosting:

It is a type of hosting that requires Linux operating system to function properly. Linux is a Unix like operating system that is available for free or an open source. Linux first comes in the existence in year 1991 as a free operating system for intel x86 based computers. Since then, it has become one of the most popular operating system in the market.

Why is Linux Preferred Over Windows?

Like a few web hosting types work wonderfully with the Linux operating system and termed as Linux web hosting. Similarly, some web hosting types requires windows operating system to function appropriately. However, most people prefer Linux oner windows.

It is because, Linux permits the use of demanding programming languages PHP, Python, CGI, and pearls. All these programming languages are primarily preferred for web master. Linux shared hosting is considered the most stable selection for your hosting and provides more features that can be used free of charges compared to windows hosting.

Important Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting:

There are several benefits come along with the choice to use a hosting company offering the Linux operating system. The affordable kind of hosting makes it easy for anybody to get started with a blog or website. Let us know the top benefits offered by Linux shared hosting.


Pricing is the most important benefit that comes with Linux shared hosting. It is an open- source platform, and there are no fees involved with using it for hosting. A hosting business is hence empowered to keep its prices lower as compared to windows hosting.

Hosting types that require Linux as the server frequently comes with many other popular and free applications that include php, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.


A person can do a hosting of things using the Linux server that is creating forums, multimedia applications, websites, blogs, or any other internet entities. Usually, a general public license is issues with Linux. This makes the operating system usable with a range of other distribution, like Ubuntu, Red Hat, and SUE Linux. Thus, Linux shared hosting is significantly more flexible as compared to a range of several other operating systems.


Security is one of the important features that is often believed to be the most important advantage of a Linux server. This stands true mainly in the terms of shared hosting. The server is recognised for its state-of-the-art security advantages and has time and again prove to be safer than any other operating system.


Linux is one of the first operating systems created, and the degree of reliability that is made available exceeds windows. Linux has met all the condition that make it one of the most reliable operating system, and people can keep it as the preferred choice for the windows hosting.


It is quite easy to use and understand. Linux operating system also takes command to provide output. Linux shared hosting is considered as the topmost user friendly and easier compare to windows shared hosting. Also, popular database PHP, Perl, MySQL works perfectly with Linux shared hosting.


Whether you choose windows or Linux shared hosting, its benefits need to be clear to you, so later there are no regret of choosing a particular type of web hosting. This post particularly explains the tops benefits of Linux shared hosting. The hosting type is easy to use and available for all the uses. You can choose the best shared hosting plans after visiting to reliable vendor. Also, take help through virtual assistance in case of any single doubt.


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