Pakistan’s Judicial System

Pakistan’s Judicial System

Pakistan’s Judicial System Corrupt judges of Pakistan

Today, with great sorrow and grief, I have come to write the words that “Pakistan’s Judicial System” is so ugly that the criminals here go out with their mouths open to the guardians of the law and these so-called guardians of the law keep looking at their faces.

Go With these words, I would like to grab the collars of the so-called guardians of the law sitting at the judicial level of Pakistan and shake them to see how the culprit threw dust in your eyes and ran away. You are sitting idle yet.

Yes, I am referring to the mass abuse of a child in front of his mother on the motorway, how these beasts gang-raped the children, and it is not just a matter of the past. How to look at the face

An MPA from Peshawar got drunk and drove on a fasting traffic sergeant, 50 people witnessed, CCTV video went viral. The victim’s family was intimidated.

When bail was granted, the killer was showered with flowers. Sometime later, the “Supreme Court” honorably acquitted the killer for not finding “evidence”.

May the wrath of Allah descend on such judges and courts and we cannot forget eight-year-old Zainab in Kasur.

How the thief was so humiliated by the slightest tampering with the ATM and brutally killed by thirst.

In Sahiwal, children were shot in front of their parents and university student Naqibullah Masood was shot.

How long will we continue to face the dilemma of whether we can live a life of freedom in our so-called free country?

I don’t know if someone will shoot us and then some MNA or MPA will take us to the streets. Add something or someone will abuse our mothers and sisters.

In an independent Pakistan, we no longer have the right to breathe freely because our forefathers sacrificed their lives just to liberate their descendants.

Did the law of our country fall behind us?

That is why there is no respect for law in Pakistan because a duty police officer lost his life under the car of a member of the National Assembly and that MNA is still roaming the streets today.

Until then, girls like Zainab will continue to be killed. All these cases put a question mark on our judicial system “?” Can’t our law punish criminals?

Pakistan’s Judicial System

I would like to draw your attention once again to the judicial system and say that please change this judicial system and make this law so strict that no one can look down on anyone’s mother or sister in the future. And a system should be introduced so that no mother or sister is afraid of losing their dignity.


The recent incident expects us to arrest these gang rappers and hang them in public so that no one can do such a thing in the future.

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