Best Streaming Shows Of All Time

Best Streaming Shows Of All Time Netflix Amazon and Hulu

It’s incredible to remember it’s only been around seven years since Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu started producing original series. From the modest beginnings of shows like “ Lilyhammer, ” “ Alpha House, ” and “ Battleground, ”the industry has undergone a major seismic shift – a complete explosion of the very idea of how we approach“ television. These platforms have literally added hundreds of shows to the TV landscape today, which inspired us to assess and rank the 10 best shows that have debuted since those early days. From terrifying dystopias to intimate relationships, these are the shows which have made the most of the opportunities presented by the distribution revolution and turned them into great storytelling.


Over the decades, there have been many famous TV shows, but never one quite like Breaking Bad. The show with 139 wins and 229 nominations is the most awarded tv series ever. The entire Breaking Bad captures a mood that’s difficult to put into words. When you’re watching a show, you’re in it. And it feels so good to be there. Breaking Bad is totally worth watching.


We have seen them save countless lives, live through complicated experiences, and even survive a plane crash! Grey’s Anatomy has really turned our hearts to mush over the past decade, retracing the lives of the charming surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, a show all about passion, suffering, joy, rage, and sorrow.


The first-ever red-caped female superhero on Television is one who really made her presence known. Set in Arrowverse, this fearless cousin of the legendary Superman, Supergirl, has carved her own course with her phenomenal abilities to combat all evil. A series which tests friendship brings the most dangerous villains and unleashes Supergirl’s ultimate powers has had fans hooked on cafes as they witness the ‘Along With The US’ show.

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The most popular political social drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the title roles made for the most anticipated and gripping series of our time! A show that displays how politics is a game played by scheming people vying for power and the highest seat in the round table garnered immense acclaim from critics and fans alike. One nail-biting cliff-hanger is the end of any season that leaves you eagerly looking forward to what lies next.


Our favorite quartet of socially awkward scientists, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and their ingenuous neighbor, Penny, have thoroughly entertained us with science and amusing stories about superheroes, life, and love for over a decade. As the ‘Sitcom Theory of Evolution’ demonstrated,’ The Big Bang Theory’ has brought us many humorous moments that have made us fall in love with science all over again. This is the magic of unraveling the mysteries that have all begun with a big bang!


It’s really almost difficult to imagine a world without FRIENDS where the world is taking sides with only one chat, “We were on a break,” one worth remembering. Who would have thought that ‘lobsters’ meant eternal love or that there is literally a ring to the phrase’ Oh My God ‘? From Joey’s ‘ How You Doin ?’ We wouldn’t have it any other way,’ to Ross’ Nazi grammar, from Pheobe’s ‘Smelly Cat’ to Monica’s borderline OCD, and from Chandler’s cynical self to the enchantress Rachel!

Game of Thrones

Although The Sopranos made HBO a strong competitor in the drama competition, the network was turned into a rating monster by Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones enraptures audiences with a large cast of characters, a lot of conflicts and violence, a smattering of sex, and a winning blend of fantasy and regal politics, based on the highly popular novel series by author George R.R. Martin. The show is completely unpredictable, terrifying, and very addictive. Truly, there isn’t anything else like it. That’s why Ice and Fire’s A Song is popular. GOT is popular in part because of this, as it brings many of those elements to life on screen.


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