Important Facts of Studying MBBS in China

Important Facts of Studying MBBS in China

We understand the pain that every medical aspirant suffers in obtaining MBBS admission. Compared with getting admitted to Indian medical schools, MBBS in China and other countries has become easier. The Medical Council of India and the government recently announced a common medical entrance examination, which makes it difficult for students to obtain MBBS admission.

On average, 3% to 5% of students who pass the general medical entrance examination are admitted to the government medical school. The rest of the students are studying at a private medical school or studying MBBS in a foreign destination. Those who can afford the high MBBS fees charged by private medical institutions can join India’s MBBS. Other countries that cannot afford the high-cost resort to other countries such as China, Russia, or Ukraine, such as MBBS.

Study MBBS in China

China is considered to be the oldest and most respected medical education country in the world. The students who plan to study abroad are mainly MBBS, and China is the best destination. There are many well-known universities in China that provide high-quality education at low educational costs. In the past few years, more than 10,000 Indian students have accepted MBBS admission. The government also provides special care and consideration for international students engaged in medical courses in China. Therefore, if you plan to study MBBS abroad, then we recommend China as the best study destination.

MBBS in China for Indian Students 2020

Indian students who wish to start an MBBS career in China can start applying in 2020. Indian students who pass the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam and meet the minimum admission standards set by Chinese universities. The course duration is 5 to 6 years, including a one-year internship period. The cost of a one-year course is about 250000 to 700000, which is very low compared to MBBS universities in India. To apply for study MBBS in China, you must meet the following conditions;

  1. NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) qualified.
  2. 50% marks in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in the 12th.

An important factor that attracts Indian students to choose China as their study destination is the scholarship they provide.

Reasons Indian Students Choose to Study MBBS in China

  1. The MBBS qualification for Chinese students is the minimum passing score and it is easy to be admitted.
  2. No entrance exams or other qualification exams to select candidates.
  3. The fees charged by universities or colleges are very low and very affordable.
  4. Fee starts from 2.5 Lakh in most of the China Medical Universities.
  5. There are many university students accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) that can choose to study MBBS in China.
  6. MBBS reviews in China show 95% positive aspects, which makes China the preferred destination for research medical courses.
  7. Studying MBBS in China is very easy. The process is very simple and systematic.
  8. The MBBS of Chinese universities is globally recognized.
  9. Chinese MBBS is taught in English. It is the medium of teaching.
  10. After completing the course, students can pass the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test and then start practicing in India without any trouble.
  11. Spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and libraries are equipped with advanced facilities, which can provide students with a healthy learning environment.
  12. Provide students with safe and comfortable dormitory facilities and a comfortable environment. Most universities provide separate dormitory facilities and the best infrastructure for international students.


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