How to use Line | Rectangle | Move Command in AutoCAD?

How to use Line | Rectangle | Move Command in AutoCAD?
How to use Line | Rectangle | Move Command in AutoCAD?

Line, Rectangle, and Move Command in AutoCAD. But First, start the line command using one of the following access methods, and then follow the steps below.

How To Create Lines Using Line Command

Access Method

Ribbon: Home Tab>> Draw Panel>> LineLine Command

Menu: Draw>> Line

             Toolbar: Draw

Choices In Line Command

Undo: Delete the current / last segment of the line continuity.

Close: The first line joins the last line section at the beginning of the section, forming a closed loop of line sections. Timeout option terminates / terminates the line command.

Continue: A line continues from the last point of the recently drawn line. At any point you have terminated or terminated the line command but immediately you decide to continue the line from the last point of the last region that you just created, start the line command when they ask for the starting point So just enter the line.

How To Use Rectangle Command

Choose: Draw>> Rectangle

Click: Rectangle Icon Rectangle Command

Type: Rect at the command box

Pick: First corner

Pick: Second corner or type coordinates (@10,10)

How To Use Move Command

Choose: Modify>> Move

Click: Move Icon Move Command

Type: M or Move at command box

Pick: Objects to move

Select objects: select

Pick: Point to move from base point (pick point)

Pick: Point to move second point (pick point)

Tip: To move an object at specified distance, type distance at second point of displacement:@1<0

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