Electric Vehicles Technology In Pakistan

Electric Vehicles Technology In Pakistan

Electric Vehicles Technology In Pakistan

Since the past decade, many countries have started to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The giant change is about to come as different countries around the globe have started to make policies regarding banning the oil fuel vehicle after a few years from now.

For example, Amsterdam is banning all diesel vehicles by 2030.

Similarly, 23 European different cities will ban diesel vehicles by 2030. It is so vehicles with lower Euro emission ratings will no longer be able to operate on European roads in the coming few years. Hence, this has caused a shift in demand for new hybrid vehicles in Europe.

Electric vehicles have started to grab attention all over the world because it is considered as a major weapon in fighting a war against global warming and climate change.

We could say that by making innovation in the technological field we can save the natural environment which was the major threat to humanity. A shift over electric vehicles would be one of the most significant steps taken by modern humans.

Another most important benefit of this change is to deal with the continuous decrease in natural resources of the earth. The one major factor of our natural resource is oil. As all the natural resources have scarcity so as the oil.

Identification, extraction, refining, and transportation of oil are very difficult for the countries which increase their cost, and not all the countries have enough oil to fulfill their needs. In fact, some countries have no oil at all.

The under-developing and in debt countries like Pakistan have a reliance on the oil imports which takes a big part in our total import.

Electric Vehicles Technology In Pakistan

Electric Vehicles Technology In Pakistan

Pakistan uses substandard oil and still has euro 2 emission standard oil whereas Europe has already moved to emission 4 and soon will reach emission 6. The gradual shift over electric vehicles would be an ideal situation for the country.

Although it’s also true Pakistan had always faced difficulties in changing its economic gear as Pakistan had failed to shift over nuclear power, hydropower, and wind energy despite having ideal geography for this purpose and the people continue to suffer even after overcoming the power shortfall.

As the current federal government has shown keen interest in pursuing to bring electric vehicles in Pakistan. The policy of electric vehicles was approved for the first time by the cabinet in November 2019.

Later on, as part of the finance bill 2020, the government has decided to include electric auto rickshaw, three-wheeler electric loaders, and electric motorcycles in the Electric Vehicle Policy 2020.

The government has taken an environment-friendly approach and aims to shift at least 30% of vehicles to electricity by 2030.


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