Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is an idea that a tiny fraction or small change can affect future reality.
To go in-depth we find that our every action no matter how insignificant we think they are has an adverse effect on the future. Our current position is a result of the series of the action taken by those that lived before us.

The concept is that the flapping of butterflies can cause a typhoon. Not just by only one butterfly but everyone has equal participation in the event.

Every little decision we make, no matter how small it seems at the time, has a minor or major effect on yours or someone else’s life. Maybe if you hadn’t reached a person that you were initially too nervous to talk to, you wouldn’t have met your best friend and made all the memories that you have today.

Look in this way, what if the newton did not see the falling apple that day, the probability is we may not have heard the words like cell phones or the internet. It is purely because of the butterfly effect that from the image of falling apple a thought is generated which convert into words and then written down and newton succeeded in his theories, that he laid a foundation for the future scientist to carry his works, and later scientist took his theories, and swallow it in their minds and come up with different theories and experiments which eventually results in the fact that we have cellphones, internet, and fast communicating ways. So we can say that it is a chain reaction. That our actions create a ripple effect, that everything in this world is connected, our every action no matter how insignificant or invisible it could be will become a cause for something in the world.
We may not know that we can possibly become a part of any disaster or any amazing invention.


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