Login Admin IP Address Configuration

315 Login Admin IP Address Configuration Login Admin IP Address Configuration Login Admin IP Address Configuration

Internet Protocol address or IP address is the address that acts as an identifier to each and every computer and other such devices. is a specific IP address that gets assigned by some manufacturers of routers as a default IP address in the hardware settings of their devices. According to the IANA RFC 1918 definitions, officially belongs to Class C IP classification.This is the IP address that proves to be extremely instrumental for all those users that do the internal settings of their router or modem. Login Admin IP Address Configuration Login Admin IP Address Configuration

Just like very well known, this private IP address is also used in most networks as well as for the small businesses as an ISP typically assigns a unique IP address to a device that is used in order to connect to the Internet. If any need arises to connect more than one device to connect to the Internet, NAT or the Network Address Translation gateway is used for connecting to the Internet.

How to find the Router IP

There are some manuals that determination as to whether your IP is or not. Some of these are as follows:

If you are among those whose router IP address is dissimilar from, you may need to refer to a corresponding router manual in order to find its default login

Which Company Has 192.168.l.254 IP as Default?

  • 3Com OfficeConnect routers
  • The Netopia / Cayman Internet gateways
  • All Billion ADSL routers
  • Linksys SRW2024 managed switches

The brands that utilize

 Some of the prominent brands that utilize this IP address include but not limited to

  • Westell DSL Modems(US Only)
  • Some Linksys Routers/Modems
  • Billion Routers/Modems
  • 3 Com Routers/Modems
  • Netopia/Cayman Gateways

Uses of

The IP address is used as the default IP address for a number of home and office broadband routers. Though originally it was used by Linksys, but today it is widely used in several other home networking devices like those produced by other networking device manufacturers, like Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, TP-Link, Leoxsys. Several manufacturing factories of today set the default router access point to for promoting a more standardized computing environment and making it easier for first-time users to set up their networks quickly and easily.

What can be done from IP? 

After entering the IP address of, an electronic network, the users get access to their device. Wired or wireless modem router without noticing that highlight the options and features of the software on the modern setting and repairs are done.

When the users access their domain, they can perform some basic settings, DNS, PROXY, network management, WLAN(WiFi), LAN, WAN, Virtual routing, Protocol settings, NAT virtual server, IP QoS, DHCP client, a variety of security options, DSL, WPS, ADSL, DSL, MAC are the adjustments to the blocking and other changes.

Default Router User Name and Password

For the routers which use as a default address, the most common default user name and passwords are admin/ and admin/admin.


Hope this article will help you to log in any router .still if you are facing any problem when you are connected with the router then without hesitate must comment in below ,we will reply as soon as possible.Thank you


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